"Gloria Garayua is not only patient and kind she gets right down to teaching the basics that every casting directors expects when I walk in the room. I feel confident that after I meet with Gloria whether it be for coaching on a role or a workshop she is teaching that I am prepared and ready to give it my best. Gloria makes learning the fundamentals of this business fun and exciting. I highly suggest if you need to perfect your skill and polish up your talent you will be pleased with Gloria and love her like I do."
- Emma Engle IMBD

"Gloria is an encouraging coach. My daughter had difficulties acting because of her shyness. But Gloria's warm smile and energetic approach brought her talents out to the fore. She helped her come out of her shell and bring the characters to life by directing her to speak louder and slower for an "amazing performance", as quoted by an agent that enjoyed my daughter's show. Gloria is our "happy" coach.
Thank you again,"

     - Christine and Amira Rmiki

"Gloria Garayua is a top notch acting coach! She really helped my son tackle a very detailed dramatic audition and turn it into one of the best auditions he ever had! She brings the best out in you and challenges you to push beyond what you think you are capable. She knows what it takes to book in today's industry and she has proven that by her numerous bookings. I would highly recommend Gloria for any audition preparation."
- Brenda Fisher (Parent to Brice Fisher) IMBD

"Gloria is a wonderful and talented acting coach. She is extremely knowledgeable of the various acting techniques needed to book a job. Gloria relates well to children of all ages and understands how to convey techniques in a way that kids can understand. She is patient, caring and will go out of her way to help her clients. It is always a pleasure to work with her. My daughter has improved tremendously in her acting skills since she started work with Gloria! We are so happy to have found her!"
- Penny Lawless (Parent to Megan Lawless)

"We were very fortunate to work with Gloria. She was my 8 years old daughter's first and only acting coach. In just only 2 months Gloria's lessons were so productive that my daughter got 3 awards on IMTA Talent Competition in LA. She is simply outstanding acting coach. Thank you so much for such an excellent job."
- David Mchedlishvili

"Gloria Garayua is the best of the best! She is always very helpful when working with her students and takes her time to ensure that the student fully understands the material. She knows what it takes to book a role in today's LA industry of TV, film and theatre. She also gives very good feedback so that you can be the best you can be. She is definitely the best acting coach I've ever had."
- Julyza Commodore (student)

"Gloria Garayua worked with my daughter for a Pre-Episodic Workshop several times and my daughter was transformed before my eyes. Gloria is a very hands-on coach and truly puts 100% into your child. Her techniques are unique as to how she breaks down a scene and helps your child interpret the scene. I was truly amazed at how she offered her personal secrets on memorization of the lines. Acting is a passion for Gloria and it exudes from her into your child. My child now doesnít dread the long scripts she has to memorize for she learned from Gloria the fun of breaking down each sentence. She truly is a gift to the acting community. We look forward to working with Gloria in the future."
- Bambi Hawk, (Mom to Ronni Hawk) IMBD

"I asked Gloria to spend time with my 10-year old daughter in preparing her for auditions as well as rehearsing her lines for a recent production. I was instantly comfortable with Gloria, and the way she was able to connect with Katia was truly impressive. She explains in simple terms, is very consistent, she takes the time to reinforce the important details and check that Katia remembers and understands. Even though they work tirelessly together, it seems like they're really having fun! With Gloria's help Katia booked 3 projects in 2 months.Thank you Gloria and keep up the great work!"
- Karine Peel (Mother of Katia Peel) IMBD

"Gloria has worked with my daughter, Helena, on many different occasions and all that I can say is "WOW." She not only takes the time to break down the script with her students, but also teaches the professional etiquette required to be amongst the professionals. Gloria's passion for acting shines through in her interaction with her student, as she trains actors to become their personal best. Her feedback has allowed me to continue to work with Helena right up to the audition. Her teaching has built Helena's confidence, and resulted in her booking more of her auditions. Thank you!"
- Jacqueline Assis (mom to Helena Assis)

"Gloria is fantastic with our son! Very patient and knew exactly what he needed to focus and succeed. We have tried several other acting coaches and they did not compare to Gloriaís professionalism and intuitive methods of teaching our son. She has given great advice that I believe helped land two jobs already for our son, and his energy and attitude is so much better now in auditions. I would definitely recommend Gloria Garayuaas an acting coach if you want to get anywhere in this industry."
- Joe Summers (dad), Candi Pettibon (mom), & Sean Summers (son)

"We've coached with Gloria a few times. She is very positive and greets us with a bright smile every session. She is able to break down every script and is able to pin point each word that needs to be tweaked. We never leave a session without feeling 100% ready for an audition. Gloria is truly a diamond in the rough when it comes to acting coaches."
- Dana Gilbert (mom) and Sam Gilbert (son)

"Just wanted to thank Gloria Garayua for being such a focused and encouraging coach for my daughter. She shared her vision and energetic no nonsense approach with my daughter prior to an agent meeting. She was a wonderful cheerleader and assisted in fine tuning my daughters monologue performance and my daughter went into the meeting confident and ready to give a great performance. The meeting ultimately resulted in an offer of representation. I would highly recommend Gloria Garayua to coach your child for an important meeting or audition."
- Gwenn Kellman (Mom to 17 year old Danielle Kellman) IMBD

"Gloria Garayua coached me for my last three auditions with great results. She really took her time and helped me break down and understand each character I was reading for. She even turned around my boring monologue and made it memorable and fun to perform. Gloria is a working actor which keeps her in touch with current projects and she knows what Casting Directors are looking for. She is super busy but always makes time for her clients and I always leave feeling prepared and confident. She's the best!"
- Lucy Angelo IMBD

"Gloria has been a very attentive and caring coach. She was great with helping my daughter quickly but thoroughly break down sides and help her to look at ways to make bold choices. She didnít just tell her what to do, she brought her through the process which greatly added to my daughterís ability to really make choices that were strong and had depth. Gloria is very intuitive and understands what makes a top notch audition or performance. She is one of the best coaches my daughter has worked with."
- SJ (mom of teen actress, Caroline Fossum) IMBD

"Working with Gloria was a fun and educational experience. She made me feel comfortable as I was exploring different options for my character. She helped guide me to make more informed decisions and facilitated in the discovery of myself as an actor and of the character in the scene. It didn't hurt that she was a lot of fun too."
- Jason Caceres (actor, over age 18) IMBD

"A HUGE thank you to Gloria for saving my auditon! At the last minute you were able to coach, tape, edit & submit my audition because my grandma couldn't do it! Thank you for making time for me & teaching me so much! I greatly appreciate you!!"
- Ashlyn Boots (age 10) IMBD

"The moment my daughter and Gloria met, I knew the showcase was going to be a success. Gloria was a marvelous encourager. She didn't discard the children's choices but directed them toward success. She motivated young actors in being professional but having fun at the same time. Her coaching was honest yet sensible and always made my child feel good about herself. Thank you Gloria for being an awesome director and acting coach!"
- Maria Rocha Tijerina (Parent of Isabella Gamez, age 13)

"I can't say enough how wonderful it was working with Gloria. Everything from her incredibly helpful direction, to the work environment and leadership among the actors. No matter how much work she did; she always kept a positive attitude, had the class smiling from her witty and comforting personality, all while staying in complete control of a big room of kids. I made some really great friends, learned so much as an actor and shortly after the showcase got an audition and booked a big co-star on ABC Family's "Baby Daddy"! Needless to say, Gloria did an amazing job and my brother and I can't wait to work with her again!Thanks Gloria!"
- Austin McCarthy (age 17)

"I have met many coaches, but Gloria is THE most captivating! Her strong directing skills, along with her keen, no nonsense approach, deliver an outstanding performance! Additionally, her excellent communication skills keep the parents at ease...and the kids LOVE coming back to her! She is the best: bar none! Thank you, Gloria!"
- April Prescaro (Kristen Prescaro's mother of the actress, age 13)

"Gloria was the Director and Coach for ATLA's winter showcase a few weeks ago in which my daughter was a participant. Gloria is a true professional in every sense of the word. She is honest, funny, has a very clear understanding of what Casting Directors and Producers want and always encourages the kids to do their very best. My daughter loved Gloria's energy and sense of humor. What I love about Gloria is that she not only knows how to keep the kids attention, but she makes them ellicit an outstanding performance. We even got a call from one of the manager's who attended the showcase who wants to meet my daughter! We plan on taking a lot more of Gloria's classes too. She is not only one of the best coaches in the business, but she is also a wonderful person who cares about our children."
- Barbara Candiano-Marcus (Parent of Lara Marcus, age 11)

"Gloria, I'd like to thank you, once again, for mentoring Alissa this summer (2014) and engaging with her in the college conversation. Your advice and insight was invaluable, and you will be pleased to know that her college auditions are going very well. She was very fortunate to have met you, and I am certain your paths will cross in the future."
Best, Karen Dellork (Mom of Alissa Dellork) - IMBD

"Hi Gloria, I just want to thank you for your help. Because of your help I recieved an agency call back. You gave me great techniques to use for cold reads and on camera. You also helped me to be confident on camera by using kind words in the feedback you gave. You have a calm and inspirational energy that is relate able. I am very comfortable working with you for the many projects I will have in the future. It's so rare to find genuine and knowledgeable instructors who aren't looking to take advantage of people with big dreams."
God bless, Jazmen Henderson

"Benji (Risley) really enjoyed working with you on the ATLA Pre-Pilot 2015 Showcase and his private lesson. You really helped him focus on understanding and developing his characters, building volume, taking them to the next level. Benji felt really comfortable with your teaching approach, he was especially happy when he read your handwritten note telling him you were proud of his performance. Kids can tell when someone takes an interest in them and really cares. This was one of the best classes he has been in!"
- Kathy Risley, (mother of 10 year old LA actor, DEC 2014) IMBD

"Our daughter Emeily Flyr has had the good fortune of working with one of the best acting coaches in Los Angeles Gloria Garayua, not only is she a very skilled and knowledgeable acting coach her own acting credentials and accomplishments speak for themselves. With her help and guidance Emeily was able to reach new heights in regards to her acting abilities. We are very thankful that Emeily has had the opportunity and continues to learn from such a talented acting coach, thank you Gloria!"
- Mr. and Mrs. Flyr (Parents of Emeily Flyr, DEC 2014) Resume

"Gloria - Thanks for everything! Audrey had such a great time with the showcase. Gloria you do an amazing job with the kids, bringing out their very best. I am sure it's not always easy, but the showcase turned out so well! Thanks again to both of you and we'll see you one of these days soon. "
- Katy & Audrey Boos, ATLA May Showcase 2016

"Thank You so much for your hard work to put this showcase together. Gloria, you did an excellent job with these kids!""
- Andrea Kelemen, mom to Victoria Kelemen, ATLA May Showcase 2016

"Gloria is an excellent coach and my son feels so confident when he is done working with her. She brings him to that next level needed to stand out in an audition with her clear vision. She is precise and energetic and gives 150 percent. Gloria is great with kids and she uses her great sense of humor and no nonsense approach to help keep them engaged and focused. It is obvious in Gloria's coaching style that she is very passionate about acting and helping others become better actors."
- Cheryl Axen, mom to Bailey Axen, ATLA May Showcase 2016

"Hi Gloria, Thank you so much for a wonderful week as the actors prepared for the May Actors Showcase. Peytie LOVES you! You are a natural teacher...you know how to push the kids to do their best, all the while making it fun while you guide them with your no nonsense, energetic approach. We were so impressed with all of the talent on Friday's parents' show. Thank you for sharing your God-given gifts. We feel blessed for the experience."
- Many blessings~ Ann, Bruce & Peytie Jackson, ATLA May Showcase 2016

"Dear Gloria, What a great experience my son Jake had with you during the ATLA Workshops and Showcase. Jake has been a working actor for 4 years now and we are always looking to improve and grow with his acting abilities and experiences. You showed what true love of the art you have for acting and coaching young teens. You put 200% of yourself into each child's scene study and each class you gave in preparing them for the Actors Showcase. Not only did you have a smile on your face everyday but also you gave encouragement and great direction to each child. I know you brought out the best in Jake as you directed him but also made him realize the benefit of putting his whole self into each character and scene. Your work experience and teaching experience really comes through with a positive force. That is why we just signed Jake up to attend your Teen classes on Sundays!"
Sincerely, Penne Rieger (Jake Kenneth's Mom)

"Our son, Harrison Leahy, loved his first acting intensive "just for kids" with Gloria! She was very direct in her teaching approach and cheered him through challenging emotional acting moments. We are setting plans in place to return to coaching with Gloria all the way from the East Coast. Her thoughtful, no-nonsense, clear vision approach seized a ten year old boys' attention and a new love for acting!"
- Stacey Leahy, mom to Harrison Leahy